Nature's best

Procured from the fertile lands of India, Pasupati rice ensures healthy diet and delicious taste.


Quality Assurance

Our core strength include innovation, extraordinary workforce skills and technology infused infrastructure.


180 years experience

The increasing customer loyalty towards our brand name has positioned Pasupati as a leader of all rice brands.

Indulge in a glorious blend of the finest Indian Rices

The colour, contour, size and aroma of Pasupati Bhog are customized to suit the needs of every taste bud considering the topography of places. Because eating the right matters. Grown exclusively on Indian soils to serve every nook and corner of the world where rice is the staple diet.

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Great meal with every serving.

Cultivated on fertile lands that’s watered copiously and harvested under optimum sunshine, Pasupati ensures meeting best of nutritional standards for one and all. Pasupati takes good care of processing the meticulously grown rice grains with best of hands in terms of man power combined with modern machinery.

Every morsel of your meal is enriched with carbohydrates, water and fibre that are essential for growth and development. Pasupati Bhog ensures only quality grains reaches every rice consumer bringing moments and memories of great meals with every serving.

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Recipes from Our Kitchen

Delicious & easy-to-cook rice recipes from South India, North India and around the world including pulao and biryani, variety rice and sweet dishes
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With over 180 years of rich experience, our traditional knowledge in the rice manufacturing is our core strength. Our latest technology and skilled workforce go hand-in-hand to delight our vast customer base across the globe. Being the country’s leading traditional rice millers, Pasupati rice is available in more than fifteen varieties encompassing both the basmati and non-basmati categories.

Think of rice, think of Pasupati.

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